The Impact of Ethnocentrism on Consumersí Behaviour to buy Domestic vs. Foreign Goods with special reference to Haryana

  • Dr.Bhavna Sharma , Ms.Poonam Chahal


The rapid expansion of international market and increasing pace of globalisation has exposed consumers of each and every country resultant in business expansion to international market. Now the customers have a wide choice of domestic and foreign products which make critical situation for marketers to determine attitude and perception of consumers regarding purchase of products from domestic and foreign countries. The commonly used scale for this study purpose is the Consumer Ethnocentrism Tendencies Scale (CETSCALE), which was developed by Shimp and Sharma in 1987, which has validated in most of developed countries but in developing countries, there is a need to examine the validity of this scale. The present study aims to addresses this gap through CETSCALE among 350 consumers in Haryana. The study analyses the relationship between consumer ethnocentrism and their demographic characteristics. The study also concluded the validity and reliability of CETSCALE and also provides the managerial applications of the study.