Opportunities and Hindrances for E-Commerce Sector: An Analytic Review of Indian Market System

  • Dr. Papinder Kumar


E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing aspects of Indian economic and market system. Although, India is one of the largest markets in the world, its digitally less connected population has been acting like a major problem for transforming its market into a digitally connected one. The major push factor behind the progressive initiation of E-Commerce in India is the coming of 4G network otherwise before its beginning; only a fraction of Indian population was connected with Indian market digitally. No doubt, Indias huge population has offered a greater opportunity for E-Commerce but the comparatively less connected population of India with internet and illiterate population is still a matter of consideration for the success of this sector. In the present research article, a little effort is made to study the various opportunities behind the E-Commerce of Indian economy. In the end several hindrances coming in the way of the success of E-Commerce are also analyzed whose solutions are also given in the form of some suggestions.