A study of Criminalization in Indian Politics vis-a-vis Role of Judiciary

  • Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Sanjaya Choudhury,


"The Supreme Court's" latest decision on "curbing criminalization of politics" has left this country both neglected as well as dissatisfaction   Where the fact that the legal system prevalent in India had attempted to rehabilitate free as well as impartial elections through different court decisions in the past can not be overlooked, "this time the Apex Court" unfortunately missed out on some very critical opportunities to root out offenders from the process of election commission.   In reality, these types of pronouncements will not only fail to cure the threat, but will also provide the culprits with power as well as "unimpeded entry into our electoral and political sphere". SAs the ultimate custodian of "Justice and Rule of Law" S.C. of India should admonish political parties as well as the politicians for their utter absence of will, reprehensible predilection, and lack of necessary laws. "a s convicted MPs and MLAs" were disqualified from the membership, let there be another "Lily Thomas Case" verdict.