Design and Development of Inspection Robot

  • Manickavasagam V.M Parswajinan C, Dharma Raja V,Kishore Kumar S,Praveen K, Srininvasan S , Nagendran.G


Robots are designed in such way that they remove human intervention from hazardous work environment. The inspection of coal mines, caves, oil and gas storage tanks, sewage tanks and pipelines come under the hazardous work category. They carry toxic chemical gases, critical temperatures and complex internal geometry which become inaccessible to the human and dangerous to the human health. Complex internal geometry and hazard content work places demand robots for inspection. Inspection robot is designed to detect the temperature, measure the content of toxic gases, measure the air quality and capture the internal images, videos and defects. Rocker bogie mechanism is introduced to climb over the obstacles such as rough rocks, obstacles, craters, uneven and inclined surfaces. Gripper in the robotic arm is used to pick up the samples, objects and push away the obstacles from the path.