• Mrs.R.Deepika, Dhanalakshmi.S, Preethi Priya.M , Pooja.M


In this modern world,all the people were busy with their tight schedule.Due to which most of the people were not health conscious and suffer from various diseases.One of the commonly occurring defects among human is kidney failure which occurs due to various reasons.One of the main cause of kidney failure is presence of kidney stone. Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are solid masses made of crystals. The causes of kidney stones vary according to the type of stone.Kidney stone forms due to high concentrated urine present in body or less intake of water or intake of acidic type of food.In the existing system,detection of kidney stone is manual process done by doctors using MRI scan or CT scan. It detects only whether the kidney stone is present or not. It does not provide the exact location of the kidney stone in the body.In the proposed system,automatic detection of kidney stone is proposed. It enables the patient to analyse themselves whether they have kidney stone or not.The interaction is between the patient and system.It provides the accurate detection of the kidney stone even with large number of input dataset.The MRI scan image of patient is given as the input to the system which undergoes various process and provides the output of the whether the kidney stone is present or not and if present the system provides the position where the kidney stone is present.The main aim of the project is to prevent the patientfrom false detection of kidney stone or from fake doctors and enables them to detect kidney stone themselves using system.