• Mrs V. Kavitha, Prem.D , V.Abinaya


Current computing world showcase that the concept of digitalization and age of fast paced transactions which supports minimal human interaction with physical, virtual and computer environment. There are many factors which are considered to reduce the human factor in various sectors such as banking, e-commerce, real estates etc. Augmented Reality plays is a field which deals in visualization of data in combinations of real-time space. Those days, if someone had to buy a piece of furniture without actually making a visit to the shop, it was logically possible, but the major issue was whether the product bought was a apt choice or not. One cannot measure the size or make an accurate guess about its dimensions, or how the product looks in our home. Now in the proposed system, consumers can check and buy the products sitting in their homes. The major idea behind the project is to build a mobile application which allows the user to render a furniture product in virtual space. This application allows one to eliminate the time-consuming human factor to visit shops.