• Mrs.R.Deepika, Dhivya.M, Swaathi.S,Vidhya.M


Recent years have witnessed the trend of leveraging cloud-based services for large scale content storage, processing, and distribution. Security and privacy are among top concerns for the public cloud environments. Towards these security challenges, we propose and implement on Open Stack Swift, a new client-side deduplication scheme for securely storing and sharing outsourced data via the public cloud. As such, the data access is managed by the data owner. Second, by integrating access rights in metadata file, an authorized user can decipher an encrypted file only with his private key.It describes a computationally cheap method for making all log entries generated prior to the logging machine's compromise impossible for the attacker to read and also impossible to undetectably modify or destroy. In this work, find out the challenges for a secure cloud based log management service. The attackers use below three steps to hack. First, the attacker can intercept any message sent over the Internet. Second, the attacker can synthesize, replicate, and replay messages in his possession. And Last The attacker can be a legitimate participant of the network or can try to impersonate legitimate hosts. We implement how to store secure log file in cloud and that file we can change read, write, delete, upload and download. We can implement AES algorithm that uses for log monitor and log generator.