Machine health monitoring using IOT

  • Gowriswari S, J.Roshan,M.Aadhithyan,R.Venkatesh.


The main aim of the paper is to monitor and to protect a machine with reduced energy consumption. Industrial plants normally use compressed air as pneumatic signal for process operations. Varus on-board sensors monitor the machine operation and in case if the parameters go beyond a certain value, the machine gets tripped. In the existing system, electrical energy applied is constant irrespective of the load condition and the machine is monitored by routine check up done by the technician. The data obtained is later analyzed and based on the computation, decision is taken.In the proposed system, we use variable speed drive to control the speed of the motor using the measured compressor casing temperature and motor winding temperature monitored by MLX90614 Infrared thermometer  Vibration sensors placed on the motor, measures the motor vibration. Thus the paper conclude by saying if the measured variables cross very high limit, the equipment will be tripped which in turn an audible sound will be generated and a message will be displayed to intimate to the operator.