• Mr R Senthil Kumar, Mr.S.Krishnaraj, D Jothishankar, V Nidhish, M Citha Ranjith, B Navin


This paper is aimed in the design and fabrication of Portable staircase whichcan be implemented in many public transport systems. This concept wasmainly brought into as project, keeping in mind the vertical train steps andheight of the steps in public transports where old age and disabled people findit difficult to use the facility. In India as we know the train coach steps are invertical ladder manner and in remote station and different station across thecountry the platform height varies at different station and so old age anddisabled people find it difficult to climb the stairway. Even some people whoalight and aboard the train are subjected to accidents fatally. So, to avoid thisidea is being proposed. The idea is to use this foldable staircase for the people who cant climb the staircase do to difference of height as it can expand and again folded back to box like shape using crank and lever mechanism. This can also be used for other application also.