• K. Vaidhegi, M. Suguna, S. Preethi, V. Sheelasaranya


This study is the sincere effort to reduce the Carbon-di-oxide emission in concrete by partial replacement of cement by sugarcane bagasse ash as a mineral admixture. Sugar-cane bagasse is a fibrous waste product of the sugar refining industry along with ethanol vapour. This ash is causing serious environmental pollution and Hence its high time for handling the waste. Bagasse mainly contains silica and aluminium content. In this project, the bagasse ash has been used in the partial replacement of ratio 8%,10%,12% and 14% by the weight of cement in concrete. The bagasse ash was then ground until the particles passing the 90 m sieve size reach about 85% and the specific surface area about 4716 cm2/gm. Ordinary Portland cement was replaced by grounded bagasse ash at different percentage ratios. The compressive strengths of different mortars with bagasse ash addition were also investigated. Concrete mixes with bagasse ash replacements of 8%,10%,12%, and 14% of the Ordinary Portland cement were prepared  with water-cement ratio of 0.42 and cement content of 378 kg/m3 for the control mix. Fresh concrete tests like slump cone test as well as a hardened concrete test like compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength was observed at the age of 7days, 28days and 90days. From this study results, the use of bagasse ash as a mineral admixture in concrete used to produce eco-friendly concrete and to balance the rising demand for concrete