Soil Classification and Crop Suggestion using Machine learning techniques

  • Aishwarya M, Revathy R, Dr J.K. Periasamy, T Srujana


Soil is important to humans and all living things on earth because it acts as the root source for agriculture, food and medicine. Soils are of different types  and each soil type can have different composition of minerals, humus, organic matter and can hold  different characteristics based on which different crops can be grown. So we need to know the features and characteristics of various kinds of soils of different places to understand which crops grow better in  certain soil types in different climatic conditions and what kind of fertilizers/ pesticides can be added to make the crop grow healthily. So we've proposed a system which can be a great use to the farmers and common public to predict what kind of crops can be grown for different types of soil series based on agricultural data analysis using machine learning techniques and image processing