• S. Meera, B.Nithilesh Kumar,P.Vikram,Gadde Bala Krishna,K. Jayandan, S. Sugumar


The smart walking stick helps blind people navigate and do their job quickly and comfortably. In the normal stick, the identification of the barrier is not achieved and the normal stick is not effective for the disabled person, so the blind person does not know what kind of thing or what kind of thing comes in front of them. The individual cannot know the size of the object and how far it is from it. It's hard for a blind person to move here and there. The ultrasonic sensor is used in the smart walking stick to detect obstacles. If an obstacle is detected, the camera is turned on and the object is detected with the aid of a camera, and the distance between the objects is measured using an ultrasonic sensor. If some obstacle falls in front of the blind person, they will know about the vibration barrier of the vibrator attached to the smart stick. The device is particularly helpful for people who are visually impaired who also require support from others.