smart Bus ticket system using QR code in android application

  • Ms..Aruna Jasmine, Ms.S.Susila Sakthy, Ms.T.P.Rani Mr.Jer Lang Hong


In this paper, we are proposing QR reader for bus ticket. Users can scan QR reader instead of ticket. In this app, after registration profile, we have to attach our bank details through in this app. Then whenever we are going on bus, we have to select from and to location. Then it will generate amount details for per head. After that we have give passenger details. Passengers details mean count. Then we can scan QR code. So directly money will transfer from our bank details. Then we can get SMS alert for ticket payment proof. Then admin (Conductor) side, they calculate amount details through using web application. Then they can calculate per day amount details for bus ticket information. To improve the standard of Bus Company, a period system that can monitor and predict the rider Flow of the running buses is useful. Here, rider Flow denotes the number of on-board passengers of a bus that varies over time and house. The rider flow will partly mirror the collective human quality on a route and therefore the quality of bus service in term of comfort.