Smart Band For Elderly Peolple Using IOT

  • M.Nithya, Keerthibala V, Swati Mishra


This paper provides the idea for the project the aims at helping the elderly or a person suffering from Alzheimer disease using IOT. The elderly people are the ones who require attention and help at the right time in order to have a smooth living. The Alzheimer patients can also be benefitted from this project. In this paper we are proposing a virtual assistant in the form of a band, that neatly fits around a persons arm, which takes care of them when they are left all alone in the home or in a room. The main objective of this project is to help the elderly people and Alzheimer patients to reach their family members or caretakers from the place they are at and reminding them to take medicines at prescribed intervals and get help in right time from their family members or care takers, when they fall accidentally or when they need someones help in some situations.