Slurry Infiltrated Fibrous Concrete (SIFCON) is a special type of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) which have large amount of fiber. The matrix usually consists of cement slurry or flowing mortar.  There is hooked end type of fibers and it has been recognized that the addition of small, closely spaced and uniformly dispersed steel fibers to concrete would act as crack arrested and would substantially  improve its mechanical properties and durability. FRC contain fiber only 2% to 5% by volume of cube because of balling and clustering problem but in SIFCON we can use fiber from 5 to 20 % of volume of cube. Since SIFCON is a ductile layer  of high performance fibre concrete with significantly large amount of fibres. In this project the main aim is to study the mechanical properties of SIFCON with partial replacement of cement by silica fume as 15% and partial replacement of fine aggregate by steel slag as 45% and three different steel fiber volumes are added (4%,5%.6%). Cube, Cylinder specimens were casted,cured and tested for 7 days, 14 days, 28 days strength. 6% of steel fibre gives best result i.e it shows higher strength when compared with other proportions