Multilevel Inverter for Power Drive by Receding Switches

  • Harinarayanan J, Rajasekaran M, Aravind Raj S


In this paper, a thirty-one level multilevel inverter is proposed. The proposed thirty-one inverter generates a thirty-one Ac output voltage with the appropriate signal design. The proposed multilevel inverter output voltage level increased by receding the number of switches driven by the multicarrier modulation techniques. The inverter has the capacity of  generating thirty one levels of output-voltage from the dc supply voltage. This paper proposes a new 31 level cascaded multilevel inverter using developed H-bridges. This topology also uses very less number of DC sources for the inverting operation. The number of switched used in this circuit are very much less when compared to the conventional multi-level inverters. The proposed system is verified through MATLAB simulation and the hardware is implemented by using DSPIC30F2010 controller.