Automation of Coal Sorting and Metal Detection using PLC and SCADA

  • Ms.S.Premalatha, Mr.S.Rajesh kumar, Mr.N.Manikanda Devarajan, Dr.segu Mohammad Hder Ali


The main objective of this paper is to focus on implementation of modern PLC technology in coal transportation area where, coal level detection is an important aspect to improve coal handling system in thermal power plants and coal mining areas. The coal handling and segregation of coal impurity from coal and safe operation are summed up and the whole system is monitored and controlled by PLC technology. It consists of two parts, first consisting of software which contains ladder logic programming used to program PLC that controls the whole process of the project systematically according to input data sequence. Second is the hardware part which consists of conveyors for transporting the coal, Inductive proximity sensors for sensing the metals mixed with coal, Electromagnet for removal of metallic impurities from coal conveyor, Pneumatic piston to sort the large size coal, IR sensor for coal level detection in storage tanks and DC motors to drive the conveyor belt. In this proposed automation system all parameters