A Novel Method of Brain Computer Interface Password Authentication Using EEG Signal

  • Anbumani.K, Sudharsan.V Kamalakannan.V, Lokesh Balaji.J


Authentication of user credentials has become a integral part of our life and is used in many applications like Banks, Safety vaults, ATM etc. But physically disabled persons and persons suffering from diseases like Paralysis, ALS (causes immobilization of their body parts) cannot use the current methods of password authentication. This work is a novel and secured method of password authentication using brain waves which can also be used by physically disabled persons. The concept of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is used for authentication. In this work the eyes-blink EEG signal is employed for the password authentication based on asynchronous Brain Computer Interface. The electrical activity of the brain is recorded via Electroencephalography (EEG) waves using brain wave sensors and then is corresponded for password authentication.