Ideal growth of Crops by observing Farm using IOT system

  • Dr.P.KalaichelvJ. Ranjani, AP , R.N.Abinanthan , L.Govindaraajan


The automatic farming field control system is hot topic under research. Where automatic watering to the plants without human intervention. Where only watering to the plants are controlled, but the requirement of quantity and quality of water to the crops is not considered. Our Paper proposes smart way of controlling both based on continuous monitoring of various parameters of field and source water. In our system a mechanism is established to find the moisture content of the soil with the help of soil moisture sensor and ensuring the need for water, then depending upon the condition of the sensor the watering is controlled automatically. We ensure the presence of water by using various water level sensor and based on the return result we calculate the quantity of water in well. The NodeMCU is used to collect water level, salinity (TDS) and pH from various sensors and transmit the data using Internet of Things. The water level and salinity of water is collected continuously and fed into our algorithm, which generates approximate of quality content and level of water according to the field crop. Thus the algorithm used to decide real time watering of field-crop and quality of water for further crops in future. If the quantity and quality of water is found to be negative, then the watering  process is paused and the user gets an alert through which real time water quality and quantity monitoring is done using Internet of Things. We are implementing our user-end as a web application where all field control information are provided to the corresponding farmers immediately through notifications  and user forms.