An Experimental Investigation of Mineral Admixture on Performance of Pervious Fibre Reinforced Geo-Polymer Paver Block

  • Sujaatha A, S.Arivazhagan,R.Kumaresan, V.S.Mohana sundharam,


The foremost objective of this thesis work is to evolve an eco-friendly alternative for cement and river sand by developing strong and durable pervious geo- polymer concrete for concrete flatworks which will effectively increase the ground water table level and efficiency of overall water drainage system. This work reveals the feasibility of the mix and the level up to which silica fumes can increase the strength and durability of GGBS based geo-polymer concrete by replacing 5 %, 10

%, 15 %, and 20 % of GGBS with silica fumes. And comparing their physical and durability property with 100% GGBS geo-polymer concrete. And as an application study pavement block with appropriate amount of silica fume from test results is made and the performance of paver block is evaluated as per IS-15658.