• R.Sivaprasad, Amruta.R, Kowsalya.S, Nivetthini.AG


Our proposed gas leakage alert system is a project based on enhancing the human safety and machine safety in industries in todays world which are highly prone to major fire and gas disasters. Explosions of domestic LPG cylinders and industrial gas pipes. Domestic LPG cylinders if mishandled, can lead to disastrous and fatal consequences. A gas leak from the piston or regulator gets mixed with air, forming a combustible mixture. LPG gas have the capacity to run long distances and collect in drains. When the gas meets igniting source medium it can burn or explode. Cylinders or gas pipes can explode if involved in a fire. LPG can cause skin burns and at high concentrations it can act as asphyxiant.

To prevent LPG cylinder/gas pipe explosions, the Leakage Alert System is proposed. This system consists of a gas sensor (MQ6), intermittent buzzer and 16*2 LCD display. These components are interfaced together using an Arduino (UNO).

Whenever there is a LPG leakage the MQ6 gas sensor detects and alerts the user by an intermittent buzzer and a LCD display. The main objective is to minimise fire mishaps due to LPG gas leakage. Gas leakage results in material losses and human injuries. Due to lack of awareness amongst public, low maintenance and improper use of gas cylinders fire accidents occurs. This is an efficient system which alerts and make people aware of the gas leaks.

As an effort to provide safe housing for sustainable cities, the Leakage Alert System is proposed. The system provides necessary warnings to the users to be cautious of fatal gas leakages which may sometimes lead to blasts.