Legitimate Claim for Disability Pension : A Study PKC

  • Chandran Peechulli Krishnan


Self, most respectfully submit that I joined the Indian Army, at Army Recruiting Centre, Teynampet, Madras, (now known as Chennai), after a Physical & Mental Test of VIVA, with written paper in English & Arithmetic(Maths.), followed by the Medical Examination, conducted at the nearby St. Thomas Mount Military Hospital. Finally, I got selected to join as a Signals Boy for training in Boys Regiment, while I was just in the tender age of 14 years and 9 months(DOB.15.09.1947. Self, been provided with a Reporting Letter to the C.O.,Boys Regt. AND a Military Warant for free travel from Madras to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh Via. Itarsi Junction, to Change,Train to Jabalpur. Arrived the 3rd at Jabalpur Rly.Stn.and on hiring a cycle-rickshaw reached Signal Boys Regiment and Reported: 06.07.1962. Successfully passed out the Three years Training, consisting of Morning PT/Drill/Weapon-Training, followed by Army Educational Classes, Class 3, on passing to Class 2 and finally Class One. Two Pathways 1. A.C.E.: Army Certificate of Education and 2. A.E.C. :Army English Certificate. Afternoon: Sports Activities: Gymnasium Activities, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Hockey, Rugby, Indoor: Carroms, Table Tennis etc. With Annual Events of Inter-Coy. Boxing Championship, Cross-Country, Rifle-Shooting Marksman, added to Inter-Coy Literary:- Essay Writing:English & Hindi.3rd-Final Year end sent to 1 TTR, 1 STC for a Scientific Trade Allocation Board, where the aptitude is assessed and evaluated and self allocated the highest group B Group.and during the 3 year service held various portfolio as BOYs Squad Leeader, Barrack Commander, and as BOY OC and centrally among the three Coys. Held BOYs RHM, Adjutant and finally as BOYs CO. Successfully passed-out from the three year tenure training, in Boys Regiment, similar to that of the Officers NDA. Passed-out to No.1, Military Training Regiment, for training under Popular Hav.D.C.Dhillon,VrC,, Drill Instructor & Sec. Comdr. C6Sec.C Coy. Wherein advanced Physical Training, Military Drills, Weapon-Training with all Arms imparted and of its Routine/Preventive Maintenance AND finally before Passing-Out,imparted-training for the, Battle Physical Efficiency Test, to be cleared successful. After successful passing-out  from Military Training Regiment, all of them disperse-off to their respective Trade Training Units. Similarly, self posted-out to No.1, Workshop Wing of No.1, Technical Training Regiment, No.1, Signal Training Centre.  During this training-period, at the verge of my completing my four years of service, found profuse- sweating of my Palms and Soles, and had to drink more water to compensate for the loss of body-liquid, or else nausea and giddiness were felt. Self, adviced for Sickness  Reporting, to the Military Hospital, Cantonment Jabalpur and was invalidated out of service  on the ground of  Hyper Idrosis of sweating palms and soles after putting up a service of 3 years and 266 days after examination by the constituted Medical Board, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. . I didn't retire voluntarily or on my  own volition. I  had all the qualifications and passion to be inducted as a commissioned officer.. I took recourse to legal remedy by filing application before the AFT ( CHENNAI BENCH) in O.A.7 of 2013 ,seeking disability pension of 20% broadbanded to 50% with all terminal benefits associated therewith which was dismissed by way of a speaking order dated 26-06-2018.