Measuring Health Care workers movement in Delhi Region

  • Rakesh Joshi


There's rising foreign movement of health staff. In the last decade, the amount of foreign doctors and nurses employed in OECD countries has increased by 60 per cent. Future projections point to an ongoing acceleration in health workers 'international migration, with an escalating discrepancy between health workers' supply and economic demand. This is also a hot topic in India because of a lack of health provider in organisation. Across India, though, they moved from one state to another for better pay, enhanced employment standards, climate, living facilities and job protection. Migration of health professionals throughout the state, especially from rural to urban areas, creates additional problems due to lack of jobs. The Ministry of Public Health has founded numerous medical institutions in rural areas and provides higher pay with opportunities to keep physicians, nurses and paramedical workers in government. The government has introduced numerous professional acquisition programmes to ensure a sufficient number of trained doctors , nurses and paramedics.