Debunking ISIS’s Islamic Façade: An Analysis of Farida Khalaf’s The Girl Who Beat Isis: My Story

  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Mr. Waqar Yonus Butt


The Girl Who Beat Isis: My Story is an engaging account of Farida Khalaf unveiling the savagery of ISIS in Iraq and the adjoining areas. It delineates the traumatic experiences of Farida and her languishing under the barbarity of ruthless militants. Her expedition encompasses the degeneration of humanistic values and survival amidst war and contention. The paper emanates her exploitation owing to her Yazidi background and her encounter with abhorrable circumstances. The book embraces the canons of the slave narratives as it deals with the autobiographical account of the author herself. The paper highlights the brutality and umpteen horrors within narrative of the book. It also accentuates the ideology of ISIS which is entirely antithetical to Islams normative teachings. It analyses the spurious claims of the ISIS to be emulating the Islamic preachings/tradition and its hollowness at the centre. It evinces ideological contours of ISIS that is unjustly exploiting the religious narratives for garnering its self-interest and opportunism.