Nano Science: The Game Changer of Future Technology (A Study)

  • Dr. Manoj Kumar


Nano science and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other scientific fields, such as physical sciences, chemical sciences, material sciences and engineering. Now a day in modern science, we are in a position to create nanomaterials to suit our needs like materials of higher strength, material of higher durability, materials of good gloss, materials of desired chemical property, material having high precision value, materials of better electrical conductivity, materials of higher weight, better drug delivery mechanism more reactive molecules etc. Not only that the application of nanotechnology ranges from Electronics to health medicine, Drug Delivery system, Energy and Environment to modern transport, cosmetic to space exploration etc. In this article we have tried to summarize one of the most modern and nascent branch of science that is Nano science and Nanotechnology. In addition to Historical chronological development we have also discussed the future expected scenario and the area of concern for the future mankind.