Morality: The Role of Parent-Child Relationship

  • Kumud Kumari, Suman Kumari, Dr. Dhrub Kumar


This study was undertaken with a view to ascertain the relationship between parent-child relationship and internalisation of morality in the college students. The purposive sampling was employed for the selection of a sample of 400 respondents comprises of 200 male and 200 female college students studying in different colleges and P.G. Departments in Darbhanga. Parent-child relationship and morality questionnaire were used to assess the parent-child relationship and moral value internalization, respectively. Result reveals that significant positive correlations were obtained between morality and four dimensions of parent-child relationship namely loving, protecting, punishing and discipline dimensions. On the other hand, morality scores were negatively correlated with dominating and rejecting dimensions of parent-child relationship. Findings are discussed in the light of previous research evidences.