Concept of Dacoity in 18th Century Bengal

  • Bidyut Hari


Through my research my article, I would like to project the history of crime through highlighting 'dacoit' in colonial paradigm on the one hand and economic compulsion involved on such activity on the other. The interrelationship between the two trends is very well connected by an element of 'loot which is common in both respect. The research highlights a special historical discourse in the sense that there is a major difference between the capitalistic loot' and indigenous 'loot. This frame is associated with economic exploitation and the latter is associated crime within connected super imposed colonial patterns which does not support the change of hands of economic reasons by any indigenous mode of operation.  I like to define how   changes of different environmental issues like change of river course led to the emergence of dacoit groups in Bengal and made a profound impact on the interrelationship between people and resources .I like to point out true identification of dacoit and its segments in society during 18th century Bengal.