Mental Health And Academic Achievement Among +2 Level Students Of District Baramulla (Jammu & Kashmir)

  • Abdul Ahad Mir , Dr. Shalini Saxeena , Dr. Hemant Kumar Khandai


The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between Mental Health and Academic
Achievement among Senior Secondary level students of Baramulla. The sample of the study was
selected from different Higher Secondary schools of Baramulla. The sample for current study was 500
Senior Secondary level students. Mental Health Battery developed by Singh, A.K. and Gupta, A. S.
(2010) was used to assess Mental Health and the Academic Achievement was assessed with the help
of self developed tool of Academic Achievement. The results were that there is a significant positive
relationship between Mental Health and Academic Achievement. Moreover, a significant positive
correlation of dimensions of Mental Health viz. Emotional Stability, Over all Adjustment, Autonomy,
Security-Insecurity, Self-Concept and Intelligence with Academic Achievement was also revealed.