In Vitro Culture For Chromium Treated Mutants In Vigna Angularis

  • Anil Kumar, Shalabh Gupta


For the present study two accessions of Vigna angularis were used. Dedifferentiation in control and
chromium treated mutants (10-1
to 10-10 M of K2Cr2O7) of Vigna angularis was attempted in various
seedling parts like hypocotyl, cotyledons or whole seedlings from precultures. Three growth
hormones (one auxin 2, 4-D and two cytokinins kinetin (KN) and BAP) in MS were taken for callus
induction. The 2, 4-D was used with both KN and BAP in ratios 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1. In both the
accessions the callus formation was found in combination 2, 4 D and BAP at 4:1 ratio (2.0 and
0.5ml/L of MS) in control as well as all mutants except 10-2M, 10-3M and 10-4M Cr concentration. No
callus was found in combination 2, 4-D and KN. In one accession, 10-8M and 10-7M were showing
more callus formation than other concentrations, similarly in other, 10-10M, 10-7M and 10-5M were
showing good results. For shoot induction solid MS was supplemented with two cytokinins BAP and
KN in concentrations 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7l/L. Maximum shoots were observed in medium having 5 l /L
BAP in all concentrations except 10-2M and 10-3M in both accessions. Though shoots were also
observed in 6 l/L BAP in 10-10M and control in one of the accession. No results were found with MS
and KN. For root formation two auxins IBA and NAA were used in concentrations 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5
and 5.5 l/L in solid MS medium. Maximum roots were observed in control and lower Cr
concentrations of IBA in both the accessions. No root formation was observed in 10-3M and 10-2M of
IBA. MS with NAA showed no root formation