Indian Banking Industry: Issues And Challenges

  • Dr.B.Raghavendra Prasad, P.V.Venkat Sreekanth


India's banking industry is the biggest in the world and is extending quickly. It is at present worth of
about Rs. 81 trillion. Today, the banking industry in our nation is more grounded and equipped for
withstanding the weights of rivalry. It withstood Global Financial Crisis (2008). In the time of
Globalization Banking Sector in India is fastly changing since 1990s because of technical
advancement, budgetary progression with passage of new private and foreign banks, and
administrative changes in the corporate segment. Indian banking industry is continuously moving
towards receiving the prescribed procedures in bookkeeping, globally acknowledged prudential
standards, with higher revelations and straightforwardness, corporate administration and risk
management, loan interests have been liberated, while the meticulousness of coordinated loaning is by
and large logically diminished. In our nation, at present we are having a genuinely all around created
banking framework with various classes of bankspublic sector banks, foreign banks, private sector
banksboth old and new generations, regional rural banks and co-operative banks with the Reserve
Bank of India as the pioneer of the framework. In the financial field, there has been an extraordinary
development and expansion of banking industry and our banks are currently using the most recent
innovations like internet and mobile services to carry out transactions and communicate with the
majority. In these conditions, this Paper is an endeavour to review the banking industry in our nation