Acoustical Attenuation Performance of Reactive Silencer with Central Inlet and Central Outlet Configuration

  • Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta, Himanshu Shukla


This paper investigates the acoustic performance of a simple Expansion chamber Muffler for different dimensions by taking same volume. Muffler is the most popular device used to reduce exhaust noise. The acoustic wave Propagates outwards from the source the intensity of the signal is reduced with increasing range due to: Spreading and attenuation.. Transmission loss (TL) of a silencer is predicted by Transfer Matrix method. TL for Five muffler configurations of different dimensions, with same volume has been analyzed. The influence of different structure dimensions of the simple expansion chamber muffler on its acoustic performance was studied. In this paper, the principles of TMM for calculating the transmission loss (TL) of a muffler are used. Results show that by adopting suitable dimensions of the muffler it is possible to improve acoustic performance of mufflers.