Educational Status of Women in Bandipora District of Jammu and Kashmir: A Review

  • Yasir Ashraf


Education is one of the basic needs for each individual to grow. Education is an important element for innovation and development. Educated women not only raise their own socio-economic status, but they play an important role in increasing their children's intellectual horoscope, to enhance the social-economic status of their family and to enhance the status of their family. Dr. Karve, said, "If you educate someone, you teach an individual, if you teach a woman, you will educate the whole family. University Education Commission (1949) commented correctly: "Without an educated woman there cannot be an educated person. Education helps in creating awareness about discrimination to fight against political and economic rights, collective discrimination and social discrimination. Although a lot of emphasis on education equality is being emphasized, gender discrimination is still continuing in access to education. Jammu & Kashmir is experiencing similar gender discrimination in the state of education. As the 2011 census figure clearly shows that women have a literacy rate of 58.01 percent, which is 78.26 percent compared to male literacy. Due to this, the present paper will try to examine and interpret the Educational Status of Women in Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir.