The Prevalence Of A 32 Base Pair Deletion In Co-Receptor CCR5 Gene In Populations Of Madhya Pradesh

  • Mohd Shahab, et. al.


The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which attack and destroy the Acquired Immune systems of
Human called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). There are many genetic factors
(Receptors of T cells and their ligands) involve in the pathogenesis of the HIV1 in Human. In present
study, We have investigated the CCR5 Gene polymorphism. A total of 92 samples of Korku tribe and 105
samples of Caste population were studied for the 32 bp deletion analysis. The samples were collected on
The FTA cards. The discs from the cards were further processed as per given protocol from the GE
Healthcare Life Sciences. For present polymorphism study selected primers were used for PCR
amplification of desired fragment of Chemokine Receptor 5. The Amplified PCR products were subjected
to run on the agarose gel and deleted fragment were analyzed on the basis of its comparison with DNA
ladder. On the basis of molecular genetic analysis of A total of 92 samples of Korku tribe and 105
samples of caste, we could not reported a single polymorphism in CCR5 gene of studied populations,
Hence due to lack of this protective allele in Korku tribe and Caste population, if they will get infected
with HIV1 virus the progression rate of the virus will be high. Further, We will suggest for the actual
picture of the polymorphism we should conduct study of large sample size.