The Status Of Genetic Polymorphism Of CCR2 And SDF1 Genes In Selected Populations Of Madhya Pradesh

  • Mohd Shahab, et. al.


Which attack and destroy the Acquired Immune systems of Human called The Acquired Immune
Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) disease caused by The Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV1).There are
several genetic factors which play significant role during pathogenesis of HIV1 in Human body. In
present study, We have studied the CCR2 and SDF1 genes polymorphism. The total of 105 samples of
caste population and 92 samples of Korku tribe were analyzed for the earlier established polymorphisms
of CCR2 and SDF1 genes, which are associate the delaying the HIV1 replication in Human T cells. The
samples were collected on The FTA cards. The discs from the cards were separate out using puncture
machine and further processed as per given protocol from the GE Healthcare Life Sciences. In present
investigation, the established primers were used for the PCR amplification of the desired fragment of
Chemokine Receptor 2 and Stromal derived factor 1 (SDF1). The Amplified PCR products were subjected
to digested with respective restriction enzymes, These RFLP results were further validated by sanger
sequencing. In the genotype study we could not reported any homozygous mutant in CCR2 gene but it in
case of SDF1 gene two individual reported, which carry both the mutant alleles in caste population. The
results showed the less minor allele frequency of CCR2 and SDF1 all two studied populations. Hence, the
study concluded that the high risk of HIV1 progression after infection, Due to less protective allele were
found in the studied population of MP.