A Study on Concept Attainment in Mathematics of Senior Secondary Students

  • Monika Verma et. al.


The study presented in this research is an attempt to investigate the concept attainment in mathematics of
senior secondary students in relation to gender, locality, extra coaching, type of schools, siblings
education and working parents. A sample was selected of 200 students of 12th class from seven schools of
Meerut district. Simple random sampling technique was used for the selection of schools. Results showed
that senior secondary students had an average level of concept attainment in mathematics. Also, it has
been observed that there was significant difference exist in mathematical concept attainment of senior
secondary students in relation to the locality, extra coaching, type of schools and working parents while
in respect of gender and siblings education there was no significant difference on their mathematical
concept attainment. Rural students scored higher than urban students on mathematical concept
attainment. Students of government schools have high concept attainment as compare to the students of
private schools.