Text mining to segregate criminal activities profiles in microblogs (Review Paper).

  • Mr. Mahesh N. Rakheja, Mr. Pranjal Dhore et. al.


The internet is a crucial source of information for almost everything. There was a time when people on the internet were into two categories, namely producer and consumer. The producer is the one who generates data, and the consumer is the one who uses data. Due to microblogs and social networks, every person on the internet becomes the producer and consumer. It leads to an increase in cybercrimes. There are many techniques to detect and predict cyber criminals profiles, But none of them proved successful. In this paper, we are going to introduce, Text mining approach based on hashtags to segregate criminal activities patterns that help us to detect cyber criminals profiles in advance. It can lead to a reduction in cybercrimes. Microblogs have a restriction to 140 characters; It becomes difficult to express the views for the producer of content. Nowadays, people have started voicing their opinions on other websites and directly sharing the link of that website on microblogs. In this paper, We are also going to analyse the contents of websites posted on microblogs, which will increase in accuracy of profile segregation.