Fuel Management and Accident Detection System

  • Nimesh Dhoke, Pradyumna Asalkar, Shubham et. al.


In todays world, actual record of fuel filled and fuel consumption in vehicles is not maintained. It results in making the fuel tanks empty. To avoid this we are implementing a microcontroller based fuel monitoring system. A microcontroller has been used for the system. Also we have used the GPS technology to track the vehicle. Also if petrol is about to finish in the tank of the vehicle, it will alert the driver and the LCD screen will show some nearby petrol pumps to the user and also give directions to the nearest petrol pump.

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of decease of life in most of the countries. As number of vehicle increases mean while the accident also increases. The government has taken number of actions and so many awareness program also contacted even though the accident increases as population increases. The accident alert system is designed using IOT and an android app. It is primarily developed to save lives of people in critical situations (or) in case of road accidents. The app is interconnected with sensors, which are connected in users vehicle and responsible for detection of a fall down or accident event, and after they sends this information to the application which is pre-installed in the users mobile. The application will send alert SMS or voice message regarding accident and its location to emergency contacts (Family members) and Emergency Medical Services automatically. The user needs to register his details while installing it and can add his desired contacts, to which the information needs to be passed. It may take 2-3 min of time to send this message. The message would also contain the location along with time. This would help save precious time in situations where an immediate action for the event has to take place in saving the life of dear ones.