Implementation of Real Time Fuel Estimation using Micro-Controller and Android App

  • Mr. Shivam Asode, Mr. Pranjal Dhore, et. al.


The present world is that the continuous that needs advanced. Along these lines, the fuel meters that at present are of simple in nature. In this Project we are executing fuel pointer in shrewd computerized way utilizing equipment and programming utilizing android application for clear understanding of fuel and to incite suitable information on fuel present inside the vehicle and How much Kilometer the vehicle can travel utilizing that Fuel are shown on Google map. The fuel which are Present in fuel tank are estimated in advanced route with the assistance of equipment and android application for example 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 liters and so on taking of fuel could likewise be a greater disadvantage in this day and age. Level out of nowhere gets decrease from 2-wheeler vehicles then the Alert are frequently sending to the proprietor of motorbike..