Review: Real Time Fuel Estimation using Micro-Controller and Android App

  • Mr. Shivam Asode, Mr. Pranjal Dhore, et. al.


Todays world is that the real time that needs digital. Therefore, the fuel meters that currently present are of analog in nature. In this Project we are implementing fuel indicator in smart digital way using hardware and software using android application for straightforward interpretation of fuel and to induce appropriate knowledge of fuel present inside the vehicle and How much Kilometer the vehicle can travel using that Fuel are displayed on google map. The fuel which are Present in fuel tank  are  measured in digital way with the help of hardware and android app i.e. 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 liters etc. stealing of fuel could also be a bigger drawback in todays world. Level suddenly gets reduce from 2-wheeler vehicles then the Alert are often sending to the owner of motorbike.