Graphical Representation of Blood Pressure Causes in Hospital through Data Mining Using KNN, Bayesian Classification Algorithms

  • Arti Sontakke, Sachin Chaudhari et. al.


The aim of this paper is to present a system that graphical representation for research and analysis of blood pressure for a particular hospital, in which the symptoms of the patients its causes, ratio and analysis through data mining which will be useful for any health organization like WHO or IMA, for Remedies, Precautions and awareness in a society which will help to maintain a blood pressure. Hypertension is called a "silent killer" as per WHO. Most people with hypertension they are not aware of the problem because it may not have warning signs or symptoms. For this reason, it is essential that blood pressure is measured regularly.So that in this system we are storing and measuring Blood Pressure at Regular interval. And using that we can do further analysis and report for the Operational structure. Apart from this the system will show the Graphical representation of data which will help for analysis among other institutions.