Graphical Representation Technology for Knowledge Acquisition of blood pressure analysis through Data Mining Technique

  • Dr. Sachin Chaudhari, Priyanka Dudhe, et. al.


The project is all about graphical representation of blood pressure for a particular hospital, in which research and analysis done through data mining technique and this graphical data is useful for any health organization like WHO OR IMA which is useful for remedies, Precautions and awareness in a society which is help to maintain a high blood pressure. High blood pressure is causes hypertension, people not aware about hypertension they not check blood pressure any intervals of time so that people can aware about high blood pressure and decrease the chance of high risk atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), such as heart attack and stroke. Using this project graphical representation of blood pressure aims to data represent for research and analysis of blood pressure for particular hospital and organization in which symptoms of patient its causes, analysis and ratio which is useful for hospitals. Also the aim of this spread awareness in society of using statistical approach to research and analysis of particular disease like hypertension its reason behind high blood pressure. Graphical representation of blood pressure shows patient blood pressure ranges like low, normal, elevated, high blood pressure, and hypertension stages.