Implementing SMART LAB-A Desktop App

  • Palak Motwani, et. al.


Functions such as websites, web-based applications, a centralized computing system, mobile apps, e-commerce applications or even cloud computing are subsidized with the client-server concept in the modern information technology environment. The client-server relationship plays very significant role in the development of IT. The client-server system components divided into two major sections of physical and logical components. Physical components are servers, devices for the clients, devices for input / output, networking and power supply. Web pages, info, programming scripts and protocols are logical components. A specific problem arises of manually checking the connected devices which consumes a lot of time when there are numerous machines across a LAN. In this paper we proposed a secure implemented solution that would automatically check the connectivity of peripheral devices as soon as the system starts. This project is implemented through python files that are installed at server as well as client machine.