Review: SMART LAB-A Desktop App

  • Palak Motwani, et. al.


Functions such as websites, webased applications, a centralized operating framework, smartphone phones, ecommerce applications or even cloud computing are subsidized with the client-server model in the current information technology setting. The client-server system plays an important part in the evolution of IT. The client-server system components split into two main parts of physical and logical components. Technical elements are servers, devices for the clients, devices for input / output, networking and power supply. Logical components are Web pages, info, script programming, protocols. A particular problem emerges of manually checking the connected devices which consumes a lot of time when there are multiple machines across a LAN. In this paper we proposed a safe implemented solution that would automatically test the compatibility of peripheral devices as soon as the system begins. This project is implemented through server-installed python files as well as client machine.