Residential Lease Management System

  • Parul Jha et. al.


With  the  prevailing  change  over  in  fields  of  technology,  it  is  necessary  to  grasp  and acknowledge the power of technology. Housing sector remains keen to face the challenges of transformation  by  applying  a  new  strategy  that  simplifies  easy  management  of  rental  and leased houses. Hence there is need to develop a Residential Lease Management System that can  streamline  the  effective  and  efficient  work  for  the  rental  managers.  This  application  is applicable  for  Multi  store  business  management  those  who  wants  to  lease  out  units  in  their buildings   to   different   tenants.   This   system   affects   the   complete   workflow   with   the transparency  of  data.  With  this  system,  Property  owners  have  a  better  visibility  of  their occupied  and  vacant  units.  The  solution  offers  tools  to  capture  tenant  details,  maintenance record keeping, track deadlines, create invoices and store lease agreements. Property owners can  send  bulk  notices  or  group  emails  for  rent  reminders,  maintenance  alerts,  site  visits, renewal and regularly updating the contract or any other news that need to be shared with all the  tenants.  This  system  quickly  integrates  with  existing  paper-based  property  management system, enabling paperless work order management and saves time.