Sensor Based Waste Management System: A Review

  • Ms. NazneenTarannum Rizvi et. al.


The urbanization of cities is rapidly increasing from past few years. As population increases the requirement of smart city is also getting increased. But, to become a smart city the main aim is to create a clean city. In smart cities the problem of waste management is at highest level. The garbage collecting vans are coming in 2 or 3 days in a week, it is difficult to manage the garbage spread controlling. It leads to hazardous diseases and unhygienic environment which is responsible for unhealthy surroundings. To overcome this problem, we are introducing a smart and sensor based waste management system that will sense the garbage level and when it crosses over 80%, it will send notification through GSM module to the authorized person with the help of Android app. As application is becoming more feasible for handling.This paper discusses the literature review of existing sensor based waste management system also the garbage container will be anti-theft. This will be achieved with the help of ultrasonic sensors, Wi-Fi, GSM Module and GPSsystem.