A Review On Voice Based E-Mail System For Blind People Using Braille Language

  • Ankita Nagbhidkar, et. al.


In past few years, technology has become one of the important necessities of everyones life. Now a days everyone knows how to use computers, laptops, smartphones etc but not everyone can use it efficiently. This case can be seen with visually impaired people who cannot use computers and other tools, so they have to be dependent on other people for the same. Email system is one of the most important services one needs in daily life. So, this voice based Email system is built so that blind people can use the email services independently. These systems use Speech to Text and Text to Speech converters for the conversion of speech to text and vice versa. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is used for recognising the speech of the user to take the input. Some systems also use screen readers for displaying the output on the screen using speech synthesis or Braille display.