Intelligent E-mail System for Blind People using Braille Language

  • Ms. MonaliGulhane et. al.


Now-a-days, internet has become one of the basic facilities for people of every age group and every field. Everyone has some or other kind of work which is related to internet. E-mail system is a component of internet which is really important for each individual. These facilities can be accessed  easily by common people but it is difficult for specially abled people like blind people, deaf people etc. to use these services like e-mail system. In this paper, we have described how blind people can use e-mail services easily without being dependent on other people sending e-mails. This system aims to take input through voice and braille language which will make it easier for blind people as they are proficient in braille language. It will perform all e-mail operations on human voice commands like composing, sending, reading and searching e-mails.