Smart Traffic Management for Emergence Vehicles Using Sound Detection

  • ER. Kaushik Babhure, et. al.


A smart city is nothing but the web network of digital devices which resolve the problem with less human interaction. This system will reduce accidents which often happen at the traffic light intersections because of other vehicle had to huddle for given a special route to emergency vehicle. Vehicular traffic is endlessly increasing everywhere in the world and can cause terrible traffic congestion at intersections.  Most of the traffic lights today feature a fixed green light sequence, therefore the green light sequence is determined without taking the presence of the emergency vehicles into account. The proposed approach is fully automated controlling the traffic lights thereby helping to reach the hospital in time. This paper may be a survey of variety of articles, that is bifurcate into 2 subsection:1-General case study, that covers the subject of smart city in an exceedingly general framework, and 2-Specific case study, that covers the subject of the smart city from a selected elaborated application, like Traffic Management System, Smart street-Light Technology.