Smart Traffic Management for Emergence Vehicles using Arduino Implementation

  • ER. Kaushik Babhure, et. al.


In India, Many cities are on the trail for becoming smart city and lots of the projects like subway, Road Development (Cement Road), Flyover because of this kind of comes Traffic is implausibly badly affected and hence the native person should suffer from Congestion on roads lead to the traffic blockage. At this case Emergency Vehicles together deteriorate from Heavy traffic congestion. a wise city is one all told that uses a Keen system characterized by the activity between behaviors, capital, cultures and infrastructure, achieved through their integration. Nagpur has first Position In sensible city Program in Current Year. Sensible city Mission is objective to line examples that's in an exceedingly position to be replicated each among and out of doors city dashing up the creation of comparable good city in varied regions and other areas of the country. These Emergency vehicles have to be compelled to reach hospital or emergency place as quick as come-at-able. Within the survey of the great city construct by rendering recent IEEE papers throughout this domain, we've got an inclination to tend to tend to found heterogeneous construct of the great city; some papers mentioned it as a generic case study, whereas others deals with specific components. This paper is additionally a survey of favor of articles, that is bifurcate into 2 subsection:1-General case study, that covers the topic of fine city in degree passing general framework, and 2-Specific case study, that covers the subject of the great city from a selected careful application, like Traffic Management System, sensible street-Light Technology.