Review:Developing a website analysis tool for vulnerability scanning and reporting

  • Aishvarya Kadu et. al.


There are several software package security assurance tools offered that detects and report vulnerability in web application sites .The growth within the range and size of websites will increase the necessity for higher securing those websites. Manual testing and detection of web vulnerabilities will be terribly time overwhelming. machine-driven web Vulnerability Scanners (WVS) facilitate with the detection of vulnerabilities in web applications. Acunetix[1] is one in all the wide used vulnerability scanners. Acunetix is additionally straightforward to implement and to use. The scan results not solely give the small print of the vulnerabilities, however conjointly provide info concerning fixing the vulnerabilities. AcuSensor and AcuMonitor (technologies utilized by Acunetix) facilitate generate additional correct potential vulnerability results. One in all the needs of this paper is to orient current students of laptop security with victimization vulnerability scanners. Secondly, this paper provides a literature review associated with  security vulnerability scanners and also identifies a forms of vulnerabilities in internet application . This proposed work is going to be  feature deep neural network to enhance the accuracy of vulnerability scanner. These can facilitate the website designer and therefore the user to scan and secure the website with high accuracy.